What is App Installs and how it help in App Ranking ?

Written by  on October 24, 2017

Mobile app install campaigns can help you create custom app install ads that run exclusively on phones and tablets. AdWords helps create your app install ads based on your app icon and reviews, and these ads take people straight to the app store to download your app.

Based on the mobile operating system for the app you choose, Ad Words can find your most likely customers and focus on showing ads to people who don't have your app yet. Connecting your Ad Words account to your Google Play…

What is App Installs and how it help in App Ranking ? ^(https://punekhabar.com/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/what-is-app-installs-and-how-it-help-in-app-ranking.982247/)

Blogspot comments

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i have already near 150 blogspot bloggers link and all links are found in google from 1-3 pages.. so all bloggers links are got highly rank in the google and old too.

my question…

if i place my website URL using anchor text with a comment (near 50-90 words comment) in each blogger link then will it count as a Do-follow or Nofollw link ?

hope seo expert will help to solve this matter.

Make my website responsive

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I'm looking to hire some one to make some customization in my website. Mainly I need to make my website responsive.

Payment through PayPal after completion of work only.

Looking for offers.



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how you overcome desperate for money

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No job ,
Doing IM but no much success even fail or worst u don't know what u are doing just hope it works

as days go by u feel desperate for money
parents pressure on money why no job



Loan niche

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Who's in this niche? I am about to make a website in this niche and I am wondering how hard it is to get leads with free traffic

expired domains for web 2.0?

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does this help?

Best Traffic Bot Available

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Hello Guys could you suggest me best way to generate traffic from a bot, Just I need traffic from specific country and already using Jingling but it unable to deliver expectation of mine. Could you suggest me best traffic bot to generate traffic from specific country?


Are these essential points for backlinks?

Written by  on October 24, 2017


I went to fiverr to buy some backlinks but I have few queries regarding it:

  1. I have regional language(Hindi-India) news website. So, should I buy backlinks from websites that are from my own country?
  2. If I buy backlinks from other country websites(English) will they make positive effect or negative on my site reputation.

Who Has the Best Scholarship EDU Program right now on BHW?

Written by  on October 24, 2017

I'm wondering if any of you have used multiple vendors for this service?

I used one earlier this year and it worked very well but seems like I'm not seeing the threads updated for a while.

Who do you guys feel delivers the best bang for the buck here?