My story, first big score and some lessons learned.

Written by  on October 24, 2017

I'm going to preface by saying one thing. I want to thank everyone here who has gave back to this community. I want specifically point to the stickied posts by t0mmy, shezboy, and Greywolf in this section. They helped me tremendously with their no BS approach for what to expect, so again, thank you.

In 2016, after reading all the tips I could find on niche marketing on BHW, I decided to give it a go. I decided on a specific seasonal niche to go after. While doing some market research I came…

My story, first big score and some lessons learned. ^(

Affiliate from t-shirt shop

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Would there be any interest from people who can generate traffic to affiliate in t-shirt / poster / digital downloads shop? I can pay up to 30-35% in commisions (the amount I'm spending on ads) as I would like to try different approach.

If there is interest please let me know. Thanks.

I Love you :)

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@Sonia Sharma ^(

CPA + Instagram does work!

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I have been relentlessly grinding away on Instagram for the past week trying to get a conversion and I finally got my first conversion from this method. Feels great.

Amazon Listing Hijackers…

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Fuck you..

I started doing amazon a couple of months ago and was up to 9k per month and had a few best sellers in a few categories then got fucked over when some started jumping on my listings and running down prices so low so we dick measured for a few price changes.

I started doing research, registering a trademark takes about 6 months to approve and have to hire a lawyer even then it's not even sure-fire to get these guys off my listings, so I guess I lost the battle. Time to find…

Amazon Listing Hijackers… ^(

Any Tool For Better CTR Titles and Description?

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Any Tool For Better CTR Titles and Description? I have been looking for something that analyses or gives suggestions for better ctr titles and descriptions does anyone know of one?

A Youtube Journey – for $100 a day from Travel Videos

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Living in a small city of a small country, last 8 years, i have been doing lots of Travel Photography and Digital Marketing.

Lately i have been practicing and making travel videos. Getting better at Videography now, i have been making plenty of travel videos and made some documentaries. not for the commercial purpose but just for fun.

When it comes to internet marketing, in past, i was involved in plenty of Adwords and Facebook advertising since a long time.

The idea for this Journey…

A Youtube Journey – for $100 a day from Travel Videos ^(

Got suspended on facebook?

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I joined a bunch of groups and shared my videos to all these groups.. but its saying I'm suspended from posting till oct 29th.


Squid Proxies account credit at a discount!

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We've ended up with a huge credit on our Squid Proxies account and have been given permission to sell off the credit in chunks. This means a great discount for you!

We will sell credit in units of $100 at $0.90 on the dollar. If you want $1000 or more you can buy it for $0.80 on the dollar.

Here is the way this works:
1. You create your own account on Squid Proxies if you don't have one already.
2. Send me a PM with the amount of account credit you want to purchase.
3. I will reply with…

Squid Proxies account credit at a discount! ^(

How to define negative SEO?

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To get the result immediately and you do not follow the rules of search engine rule. It means you're doing Black Hat seo completely the wrong way