******** links allowed

Written by  on September 30, 2017

how many ******** links in your site to other sites allowed before it is considered pure spam or get pure spam penality?

if it is 5 links allowed ,can i change them to nofollow and give another 5 ******** links to other sites?
thank you in advance

Flynax vs Geodesicsolutions

Written by  on September 30, 2017

Wich would you choose and why?

I have them both and i don't know wich one i should use at my new site…

Anyone know where I could buy some like interview podcasts?

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I have been trying to find some sites I can buy some "interview gigs". Really dont wanna go much into deph, but anyway, I've been checking fiverr and konker, not much luck there. My other option was to sift threw a bunch of podcasts on itunes spotify and try contact another way. Seemed much easier if i could find some on like fiverr. But hey, I was thinking maybe knew of another site that is sole dedicated to something more of what I'm asking. Not sure.


Cloaking and FB Instant Articles?

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Does anyone know if cloakers work for instant articles?

I'm currently using Traffic Armor, with iFrames.

proxies / socks5 need

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I am looking for socks 5/https proxies, I need raw list, not looking for software related click to grab proxy stuff. I need them for craigslist posting, not looking for high-end google/facebook safe expensive proxies since I will ONLY use them for craigslist but the more private, the better.
I am looking for 4K+ proxies and willing to work with monthly payments. I am looking for dynamic adsl/rdsl/3g/4g etc… proxies, anything that's residential and not coroprate. Proxies can be bound to my…

proxies / socks5 need ^(https://punekhabar.com/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/proxies-socks5-need.971835/)

Woocommerce full customization

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I want to customize my woocommerce store's pages, but every page builder and even wordpress customization won't let me customize the product pages and single product pages.

for example I want to change the button "ADD TO BASKET" to "add to cart" and to position it differently.
How can I do all that, page builder is not the solution then how can I design it my way without coding?



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What is the easiest-fastest way to buy it? Thanks

No idea how to market my site

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I've made a porn search site where you can do exact search by tags,categories,pornstars (for now only pornhub vids). It's exact in the sense that if you search for vids with "tag1 and tag2 and categorie1 and pornstar1" it'll get all the vids with at least all those criteria.
Pornhub does OR searches so you sometimes find vids with some of the criteria but not all.

The site just lets the users search and then embeds the pornhub vids, when you click a vid it then redirects you to…

No idea how to market my site ^(https://punekhabar.com/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/no-idea-how-to-market-my-site.976457/)

Make 10k $ in the next 2 months

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Hi Guys name is Fred !!

i was sleeping in hospital for 40 days

and last week I left the Hospital with 10k bill :/

and now i have only 60 days to pay my debt :(

i have only 1k$ to start any business online …

Please suggest me any idea , method that work now !!

Please Help me

(sorry for my english)

Residential IPs Proxies

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Hello I need good and Trusted website to buy Residential IPs Proxies I need them evry mouth I means I will buy the same Proxy evry mouth : i need them to stay forever(monthly purchase based)
Please it shold be trusted