How can i change my IP address every second or in one click without using a proxy within a browser

Written by  on August 31, 2017

Hey guys i need to change my public ip address once a second or in a single click. i want unlimited ip addresses and i want it to be software that is not integrated with my browser like an add on … i dont want any bulls**t about it being unfeasible or it pointless because i have a legitimate need to be able to do so … i would like some assistance on the issue not a bunch of trolls trying to pretend that they are intelligent when they have no idea what theyre talking about … THANKS GUYS!

How to check taken down website?

Written by  on August 31, 2017

My website has not been crawled since made 4 months ago. I have set it on Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics. Google WT shows no crawling error detected. Sitemap has also been submitted. But it's still pending.

Could it be being taken down by Google? How do we know if it is? Or any other possibilities you may suggest to check?

[QUESTION] Ebay Amazon Dropshipping from another country?

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I would like to start an Amazon Ebay dropshipping project. But I dont live in the US so I have some questions.

Do I need an anonymous veryfied Ebay and PayPal account?
Do I have to use a VPN to access both when dealing with business?
How can I cash out from PayPal if I buy one of those veryfied PayPal account?
Is it possible that my account gets locked?
What CC do I need to use when ordering from Amazon?
If amazon account gets locked can I use the same old CC?

I have even more…

[QUESTION] Ebay Amazon Dropshipping from another country? ^(

Mass Email/Data Miner software that lets you make personalized messages?

Written by  on August 31, 2017

I get a lot of spam emails to my business contact email I have on my website and recently, 1 stood out. I was sent a personalized email where they used the @username ^( of my instagram page along with my exact follower count and rate of engagement that each of my pics was getting.

Does anyone know of a data miner/mass emailer that can send out personalized messages to this degree? They were literally able to tell me my @username ^( associated with my email…

Mass Email/Data Miner software that lets you make personalized messages? ^(

Massplanner Adventure – Monetization through Instagram and Facebook

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First of all I would like to say hello to everyone here! I have been a long time lurker of BHW and have learnt so much over the past 6 months about online marketing. I have been playing around with the idea of monetizing through social media for a while now and have had MANY failed experiments, possibly due to being distracted by so many different ideas at the same time.

The purpose of this thread is to log all my ideas/attempts in pursuing income via social media so that others who choose…

Massplanner Adventure – Monetization through Instagram and Facebook ^(

Ranking Question

Written by  on August 31, 2017

i was targeting a kw for some time ….

what i did was
– improve internal linking (make more articles related to tis topic and link in the content to the main article)
– around 10 niche PBN links with unique content on not spammy PPNs

View attachment 94816 ^(

There was a good improvement but then you see i lost 20 positions and not there its stable.
the side is not punished. all others articles rank unchanged.

so i wondering what can be the reason ???
any ideas.

Like, Follow Jacker Question

Written by  on August 31, 2017

Like, Follow Jacker Question. Hi guys,

Does anybody know if there is any like or follow jacker that still works? I have FBLikeJacker and it's asking now to confirm even on follow, even when using Follow Jacker on a profile.

Also does anybody have any idea of a good Instagram BOT?

Best regards

facebook replica ads

Written by  on August 31, 2017

put up an fb ad today,from a good fb account, and it went active then got no approved.

anyone have any ideas why?

i mean fb dont know my goods are repz how can they make this assumption

[Journey] Growing IG Accounts & Make Money With Them

Written by  on August 31, 2017

First BHW journey in a while, feels good to be back. I want to share my journey with you guys so we can maybe learn from each other!

First goal: Sell a shoutout

For this journey I will use 2 accounts:

1/ Fitness/Motivation niche (Account A)
2/ Travel, pictures (Account B)

I'm running those accounts with FollowLiker & Gramblr64 (to upload photos etc…)

Here are the stats account by account:

Account A – Day1: 14 Followers
Account B -…

[Journey] Growing IG Accounts & Make Money With Them ^(

[Journey] My Journey to 500$ a day in the Movie Niche

Written by  on August 31, 2017

Hey everyone, this is my first journey thread and thought I’d share my I’ve done with the community. Since I was always one of them guys that say oh ill try that one day, I decided to just DO IT as you cant say you tried when you don’t start somewhere. So I was thinking of doing something to for some extra income and I have some extra time to thought I would build a website. I was always into the movie niche and thought I’d start there (I know everyone says its over…

[Journey] My Journey to 500$ a day in the Movie Niche ^(